We’ll come united – Parade am 16.9.2017 in Berlin

Wer kommt mit?

Am 16.9. wird es in Berlin eine große bunte antirassistische Parade geben: Zwei Jahre nach dem Willkommenssommer 2015 und dem Durchbruch auf der Balkanroute und eine Woche vor der Bundestagswahl. Für eine Solidarität ohne Grenzen und für gleiche Rechte für Alle! Auch aus Wiesbaden wird ein Bus fahren, der grade vom AKU, Rückenwind und Armut und Gesundheit aus organisiert wird. Sehr wahrscheinlich wird der Bus in der Nacht von Freitag auf Samstag gegen 1 Uhr losfahren. Treffpunkt wäre etwas früher am Schlachthof. Zurück geht es am Samstag nach der Demo. Ein Ticket für Geflüchtete und andere, die wenig Geld haben, soll maximal für Hin- und Rückfahrt 10 € kosten. Für alle anderen kostet das Ticket 40 € (und gerne mehr, damit möglichst viele mitkommen können.) Weitere Infos demnächst.

Infos zur Parade: www.welcome-united.org

In more detail (in English):

We’ll come united!
September 16th 2017
Anti-racist Parade / commUNITY-Carnival in Berlin

Bus Wiesbaden – Berlin – Wiesbaden

We are many more than we guess. One week before the German elections, we will show up on the streets and be loud. We want to tell our stories – stories of flight and deprivation of rights, authorities and racism, welcoming and staying.

We´ll come united: For politics of solidarity. Together for all – on September 16th in Berlin!

The demonstration will start on September 16th at 13:00 in front of the Ministry of Interior in Berlin (near the main station). The closing event will take place at Oranienplatz.

The parade will consist of different thematic wagons: against deportations, for the right to education for all, Solidarity Cities and much more. There will be speeches, stories, music and everything you bring as pictures and symbols with you. The only things we want to leave at home on this day are national flags: it will be all about equal rights for everyone, no matter where we are from!

How will we go to Berlin:  Bus Wiesbaden – Berlin – Wiesbaden

From Wiesbaden, at least 1 bus will travel to Berlin. As the route to Berlin is long, we will leave in the night from Friday 15th to Saturday 16th September: Departure time is 1:00 in the night.

We will be arriving in Berlin at around 10 o’clock and will go straight to the starting point of the demonstration. In the evening we return from the place of the final manifestation. We will be back in Wiesbaden in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Meeting point Wiesbaden:
Friday, 15th September 2017
at 21:00 Schlachthof Wiesbaden
Container Rückenwind

Our Contact: 0157-75698194 (whatsapp or sms)


  • Place of Departure

The buses will start close to Schlachthof,
Murnaustr.1, 65189 Wiesbaden (near central station)

We will meet at 21:00 to share last information on the events of the 16th in Berlin, make last preparations and get together.


  • Tickets

The Bus tickets are available for 10 Euro – Wiesbaden-Berlin-Wiesbaden.

If you want to buy a ticket and to register for the bus, please contact us:

via phone: 0157-75698194 (whatsapp or sms)
or email: nelek@posteo.de

Legal information for the demonstration on September 16th

Please take with you:

  • your identity document
  • something to drink and eat
  • medicines (if you take medication on a regular basis)

In Germany everybody is allowed to attend a demonstration. It is completely legal and will not affect the outcome of your asylum procedure.

However it is possible that the police will check the ID cards of persons at the demonstration. Therefore you should definitely carry your ID-documents (for example Aufenthaltsgestattung, BüMA, Duldung, Aufenthaltserlaubnis).

Probably there won´t be any problems with the police at the demo. Nevertheless a phone number will be distributed in the buses. There you can call if you unexpectedly have a problem with police during the demonstration. Then you can speak with a lawyer. But we think, that there won´t be any problems.

Can everyone go to Berlin?

Most of the refugees are allowed to move freely in whole Germany. They can travel everywhere. If you only go for two days to attend the demonstration, you don’t have to inform the Ausländerbehörde.

But some refugees have a Residenzplicht (residence obligation). That means that they have to stay in the federal state where they are living, or in the town or the district where they live. They are not allowed to travel everywhere in Germany.

  • Residenzpflicht affects all refugees in the first three months in Germany.
  • Residenzpflicht affects all persons who still live in the first reception camps.
  • Residenzpflicht affects some persons shortly before a deportation.
  • Residenzpflicht affects also some persons who had problems with the police.
  • Or problems with Ausländerbehörde.

The Ausländerbehörde writes in the personal document of those persons that they are not allowed to move freely in Germany and to travel everywhere. In case of Residenzpflicht in your document is  written: Räumliche Beschränkung.

Who has a residence obligation and wants to join the demonstration in Berlin, please ask us for advice and we will discuss your personal situation.